Take a moment to really think, how many devices in your home are connected to your Wifi? I can tell you, I was shocked at the number in my house.

Just think about it for a family of five. Cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions, doorbells, indoor lights, outdoor lights, music players, Alexa and Siri, wireless speakers - even appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and thermostats. In the average household today, it's not uncommon to be over 50, or even 100 connections.

Now, how do we keep our household safe and secure from the bad actors? Luckily there are people a lot smarter than me working on this very issue right here in our own backyard.

The Griffiss Institute at Innovare Advancement Center in Rome is home to much of the research that's being done nationwide, and it's also working to bring students from around the world to this center for them to learn, research, and help us all move forward safely in the tech world.

Melissa Tallman of the Griffiss Institute and Anthony Macera, a computer engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome were on the air Friday to discuss The Internet of Things - that are used in homes, in the military, government, science, education, medical and just about anything else there is in society today.

Macera and Tallman were discussing Innovare and how this ecosystem attracts and elevates collaboration between academia, government and industry. They also talked about the fact that locally, there's an amazing opportunity to your the facility to see for yourself, just by reaching out via their website.

The research being performed in Rome, according to Macera, is key to the development, test, and evaluation of breakthrough and enabling technologies that support business, education, infrastructure and the military. Innovare has created a space where science and education can come to test and create, as well as tackle the challenges that come along with new technologies, thus protecting the nation's critical interests.

Watch the interview with Tallman and Macera. Feel free to reach out to their website for more information.

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