Even if you hate hearing it, summer is almost over. With that being said, that means leaf peeping will be an activity right around the corner. Could this be the best place to do it in the Adirondacks?

Whether you love New York or you happen to hate the Empire State, one thing everyone can agree on is how beautiful the change of season is. When the summer breeze turns into a slight autumn chill, the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and are wonderful to look at. Luckily for us in Central New York, we have the Adirondacks right in our backyard.

The Adirondacks have to be the best place in the state to leaf peep and by quite a bit. Sure other areas of the state will look pretty, but not as pretty as going to the peak of a mountain. The picture above was taken at the peak of Whiteface Mountain. Sadly the picture wasn't taken during the peak time when leaves were changing, but your imagination can definitely picture what it would be like in the first week of October.

Also, there is a little narrow railed trail that you could walk down to get an even better view of the mountains and water down below. The ride up the mountain won't be anything to shake your head at either, that alone could be worth the trip to the Lake Placid area itself.

If you would like to go here, just drive to the address below and follow the signs.

Whiteface Memorial Hwy, Wilmington, NY 12997

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