A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Congresswoman Claudia Tenney finance a phone system for her new local office in New Hartford; but, is it real?  The answer is probably yes, sort of.

The New Hartford freshman Congresswoman, who was sworn-in last month as the NY-22 representative, has been criticized by several constituents for taking so long to set up her office.  As of Friday, her phone lines still had not yet been installed.

Enter Bruce Yeti's GoFundMe page which was set up on Saturday.  It's a real page to raise donations but it's probably more of a jab at the Republican Congresswoman than it is a legitimate effort to raise money to pay for her phones.

GoFundMe Introduction:

Who you gonna call?

Not Claudia Tenney, she ain't got no phones.

So we the people are here to help her get her phones up and running.

Join us as we flip the 98 bucks for Claudia Tenney to get some phones!

Help spread the word!

WIBX unsuccessfully reached out to Yeti who according to the web page is from Rome. We also have reached out to Assemblywoman Tenney's office for an interview with the Keeler Show on this topic, as well as the President's travel ban and other executive orders.

Tenney, in an interview with the Utica Observer Dispatch, blamed Washington bureaucracy for the delay in setting up her office.

On Friday, Representative Tenney posted this on her Facebook page:

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page. The goal by Yeti has been set at $98. So far, no one has made a donation.

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