One of the most popular arguments here in Western New York (and all of New York State, actually), is whether or not the Bills are the only NFL team in New York.

Technically, the Bills are the only NFL team that plays their games in New York. The New York Jets and Giants play their home games at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

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NBC Sunday Night Football asked the question, “which fan base is the best in NY?”

That produced a response from Buffalo Bills wide receiver and kick returner, Isaiah McKenzie.

McKenzie saw his fair share of both Bills fans and Jets/Giants fans on Twitter. Knowing McKenzie, however, you know he would have a pretty funny comeback.

A Jets fan said that just because McKenzie plays in a city where there’s “literally nothing else besides a football team,” doesn’t mean the Bills have a better fan base than the Jets or Giants.

McKenzie, well, didn’t hold back.

I think a good comeback to that is just because New York City has the highest population of any city in the country, doesn’t mean that you also have a better fan base than a city with a smaller population.

In the end, we’ll just go in circles. There’s no definitive way to prove which fan base is more passionate and it’s sports talk, which will always cause constant back and forth no matter what.

Still, it’s fun to have these debates on Twitter and any social media platform.

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