What an interesting story. Thank God there are people out there that do the work that they do and the one-year-old bald eagle is in the care of some professionals.

Does anyone remember this story from a couple of years ago?

During the pandemic when there was a dramatic decrease in people driving into downtown Buffalo for work, a bald eagle crashed right in the heart of the Queen City.

There was a bald eagle that somehow made its way to downtown Buffalo and crashed into the Buffalo Police building on Court and Franklin Streets. It was so loud that it caught the attention of 2 police officers who went outside and discovered the bald eagle laying on the street and up on the curb. Unfortunately, the bird is in critical condition with a severely fractured femur. Fortunately, he is in good hands.


The eagle is being treated at the Wildlife Department of the SPCA Serving Erie County.

He tried to raise himself four or five times, but he was struggling and we could see he couldn’t lift up,” Detective Costantino said today. Despite the fact that the bird didn’t have a full white-feathered head, Detective Costantino said he knew right away that the bird was a bald eagle. “He was enormous, and his talons were so large, I could tell we were looking at an eagle", according to the an SPCA website, YourSPCA.com.

The SPCA brought the bird to the Wildlife Department where it is being watched, monitored, and cared for. The hope is that the bird survives so that vets can get the eagle into surgery. Now, the surgery will actually happen at Cornell University because, according to YourSPCA.com, they are more equipped to care for the bald eagle.

If you're wondering why his head is not white, it is because when the bald eagles are young, they are still dark-colored and will soon grow into their white feathers.


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