It’s not a good day for Jets fans living in New York. 

According to the New York Jets official website, their future Hall Of Fame QB Aaron Rodgers is expected to return to the field this season. Rodgers ruptured his Achilles tendon in the regular-season debut in 2023, but he is eager to get back onto the football field for upcoming games.  

However, Aaron Rodgers is not the face you will see in Times Square today. 

Jets fans noticed that there was a new billboard up in New York City featuring Josh Allen, the powerhouse quarterback leading the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen is one of the best quarterbacks in the league, the face of Madden 24, and he holds quite a few NFL records. 

Allen recently signed a multi-year deal with Gatorade, becoming the 6th NFL player to join the Gatorade Athlete List. As a result, a new billboard featuring both Josh Allen and Gatorade went up in New York City, and it’s upsetting Jets fans. 

Buffalo Bills fans, however, are pretty excited about it. 

Take a look at the billboard below. 

I know Jets fans may be upset, but it’s time to realize the truth: there’s only one true football team in New York state, and that is the Buffalo Bills. 

If you want to take a picture by the billboard, it is near Macy's and Penn, by the 34th Street area.

Let’s go, Buffalo!! 

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