We're a few days from the official start of summer and this is the time of the year that all those summertime activities get pushed to the forefront.

From going on vacations, to spending more time outdoors, it's easy to have this be your favorite time of the year.

Mid-June is also the start of one of the most cherished food seasons in the state...strawberries.

The start of strawberry season never gets old. Yes, strawberries can be had year-round due to other warm-weather states carrying the slack, but there is absolutely nothing that compares to locally-grown strawberries in New York.

They're generally smaller but juicier. They pack a ton of flavor and locals can help out their local farmers across the state with sales.

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Unfortunately, 2023 will be a much different year for strawberry growers and lovers in New York State.

Due to the recent drought, which outside of a few days has lasted since the middle of May, along with rising prices of materials that it takes to grow strawberries, 2023 will be a down year for locally-grown berries in New York.

Spectrum News 1 says that irrigation costs due to the long-standing drought, along with huge increases in fertilizer, has caused problems for strawberry season in New York.

Not only that, but Spectrum News reports that because of that May "freeze," that will also cause the strawberry season to be cut short.

Farmers suggest visit the U-pick strawberry farms as early as possible. They do have strawberries, but the season is expected to be very short. It's probably a good idea to go in the next few days to get your hands on some.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen again in 2024.

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