NYS Forest Rangers do so much more than most people realize. They're always ready to pick up the phone, in case the New York State Police or anyone else needs their expertise. From runaway hospital patients to campers shooting bears, they do it all.

But even the simplest tasks can go from zero to one hundred, REAL QUICK.

Credit - Google Maps
Credit - Google Maps

Not-So-Routine Traffic Stop

Forest Ranger Russell was recently on patrol in the Town of Bangor, when he saw something off with one car on the road. The vehicle swerving over the center divider on State Route 11B, creating a risk for oncoming traffic. Russell flicked on his lights and pulled the driver over.

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Upon speaking with the man, Ranger Russell had a feeling the man had been drinking. Not only did he find an open container in the vehicle, but something else was strange.

What happened next put the Forest Ranger in both a state of shock and alarm.

Gun in the Glove Box

When the driver reached into the glove compartment to grab his registration, Ranger Russell saw evidence that there may be a handgun in the vehicle. Concerned, he asked the driver and the man admitted to having a 9mm handgun in his luggage.

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Yup, That's a Problem

Russell quickly called Ray Brook Dispatch, requesting backup from the New York State Police. They arrived on scene, completing a full search of the mans car for the firearm.

NYSP processed the 36-year-old from New Hampshire on two felony counts of illegal possession of a firearm. He was also issued three tickets by Ranger Russell, two for vehicle and traffic law violations and another for having an open container in the vehicle.

After three hours, they let the man go and Russell returned to his patrol.

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