The average American moves more than 11 times in their lifetime. One Central New York city has become popular lately for Gen Zers to move into. Want to take a guess as to where?

The younger population likes major metropolitan areas, but they are the only ones. Today’s Homeowner found all other generations are moving out of the big cities for a slower pace.

Major metropolitan areas are seeing population losses for each generation except Gen Z. The five largest U.S. cities – New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia – all had net migration increases for Gen Z while showing major net decreases for all other generations.


Gen Z Bucks Trends

The Gen Z population seems to have some odd moving trends. Most Americans move away from the big cities and expensive states to head to warmer climates with a lower cost of living. Not Gen Zers.

Many Gen Z and millennial residents are moving into the same places the older generations are leaving in droves, including New York.

The Empire State was the top loser of residents across all age groups but lost the most specifically to millennials, as more than 96,600 members of this generation fled NYC.

Purple New York City sunset

Where Gen Z is Moving To

So where are all these Gen Zers moving to in New York? It's not the Big Apple. It's a little farther Upstate in Syracuse, believe it or not.

1. Washington, D.C.
2. Columbia, SC
3. Boston, MA
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Austin, TX
6. Nashville, TN
7. Syracuse, NY
8. Philadelphia, PA
9. Madison, WI
10. Tampa, FL

Syracuse, New York
Dinosaur Barbecue, Syracuse University, Landmark Theater via Facebook/ Canva

Generation Explanation

Generation Z: Ages 18 to 24
Millennials: Ages 25 to 44
Generation X: Ages 45 to 54
Baby Boomers: Ages 55 to 74
Silent Generation: Ages 75+

Check out where each generation is moving out of and where they're going at

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