Court reporter Angenette Levy of the Law and Crime Network is our go-to reporter for high profile trials around the country and this week, she was hyper focused on the Alex Murdaugh murder trial.

Murdaugh was convicted of murdering his wife Maggie and son Paul in South Carolina on Thursday afternoon with just under three hours of deliberation by the jury.

Levy said in her interview she had a feeling the jury would return quickly because the forewoman was dressed in a suit, saying she was dressed for the formality of announcing the verdict.

Levy said if there was a smoking gun in the case it was definitely the video that was discovered that placed Murdaugh at the kennel just before the murders. "That was as close to a smoking gun as you're going to get," she said.

Listen to Levy's interview below.

Levy reporting from the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial.

About Levy

Angenette Levy is a correspondent and host for the Law&Crime Network. She has covered a number of high-profile criminal cases in both state and federal courts throughout her career including the trials of Steven Avery, Brooke “Skylar” Richardson and most recently the trials of Kyle Rittenhouse and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, as well as the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial. She was nominated for an Emmy in 2015 for a story she covered in which she found a missing toddler who was the subject of an Amber Alert. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.



A Juror Speaks to the Media

On Friday morning before Murdaugh was sentenced, one juror, Craig Moyer decided to speak with ABC News. He said initially when the jury began deliberating on Thursday afternoon, they were not unanimous. Nine jurors including himself, thought Murdaugh was guilty, two thought he was not guilty and one was undecided. The juror said after about 45 minutes of deliberating back and forth and discussing the evidence, all 12 jurors were quickly in agreement on a guilty verdict.

Moyer said one piece of evidence was critical for him in forming his guilty verdict. He said the video of Murdaugh at the scene of the murder just before it happened, disproving his original story that he wasn't there, sealed the South Carolina attorney's fate. Moyer also added that he didn't believe Murdaugh's crying on the stand was sincere. He said he was within a few feet of Murdaugh when he was testifying and he didn't believe he was actually crying on the stand because he could clearly see there were no tears, just fluids coming from his nose and mouth.

Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences on Friday morning for the murder of his wife and son.

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