My last article got me thinking about eclipse themed or eclipse adjacent music. What are the perfect songs that might go well with viewing the upcoming eclipse? Let's check some of my picks out.

Easy Star All Stars - Eclipse

A number of years ago, a reggae collective known as the Easy Star All Stars formed in New York City. Their primary directive is interpreting popular recordings and translating them to reggae. They've covered Bowie, Radiohead, and for their debut, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. This is their cover of Eclipse.

Grateful Dead - Dark Star

If you want to set it and forget it, this is the track to go with. This is exactly what I was listening to during the 2017 eclipse. It clocks in at over 23 minutes, and someway, somehow, seems to pair perfectly with a solar eclipse.

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Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart

This one shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Though having nothing to do with solar eclipses, this might be fun to belt out with a friend of a loved one during the event. Call it eclipse karaoke or something of the sort.

Black Hole Sun - Brandi Carlile with Soundgarden

A couple of years ago, the talented and versatile Brandi Carlile got together with the remaining members of Soundarden to record a couple of tracks. Carlile is from Seattle, and is a voracious fan of the grunge era. One of the tracks was the classic Black Hole Sun. In my opinion, Carlile is one of a very small handful of vocalists that can come close to touching the grandeur of Chris Cornell's vocal range. This is a great addition to any eclipse playlist.

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