New York State has set up dozens of speed trap cameras that will automatically send out tickets over the busy Memorial Day Weekend.

We've told you before about the Department of Transportation's new program that captures unsuspecting speeders on camera and tickets the owners of those vehicles without them even knowing it.

This program has ramped up even more in the week leading up to what experts to be one of the busiest Memorial Day Weekends on record. It's anticipated that drivers will be clogging up roadways throughout New York state as residents seek to kick off the unofficial start of summer over an extended three days off.


Hefty Speeding Fines Could Add Up Over The Long Weekend

While being captured by an automated speeding ticket camera won't affect your insurance rates or add points to your license, it can result in an expensive fine. First-time offenders will receive a $50 fine in the mail. If it's your second time being caught by a speed camera, that fine will increase to $75. Three or more speeding tickets within a year and a half will earn you a $100 fine.


Location of all 28 Sneaky Speed Traps in New York This Week

If you are traveling throughout New York State this weekend, chances are you'll be passing by one of these automated speeding ticket cameras. They will mostly be positioned near work zones and construction areas on major highways in 14 different counties.  Here is the full list:

Chautauqua County

  • NY 17 Interstate 86 Bridge over Chautauqua Lake

Erie County

  • US Route 219 NB at Berg Road overpass, T. Orchard Park
  • US Route 219 SB at US Route 20, T. Orchard Park
  • US Route 219 SB at Berg Road overpass, T. Orchard Park
  • US Route 219 NB at US Route 20, T. Orchard Park

Essex County

  • I-87 NB/SB over West Mill Brook; South of Exit 30

Jefferson County

  • I81 Bridge Over Sandy Creek

Livingston County

  • 390 SB between exit 10 and 8

Monroe County

  • 490 EB Behind Gates Chili HS

Nassau County

  • Loop Parkway/Long Creek
  • LIE at Leahy St
  • WB SSP, Great Neck Rd & Ext 31 Bethpage Pkwy Vicinity
  • Loop Parkway/Long Creek
  • 495 LIE at Leahy St

Onondaga County

  • Between I-81 (Exit 9N-S) and Northern Blvd (exit 8)
  • I-81 Near South Bay Bridge

Orange County

  • I-84 W/B Between Exit 39 and Exit 32

Otsego County

  • I-88 EB & WB (Worcester)

Schenectady County

  • I-88 WB between Normans Kill and Suits Ravine
  • I-88 EB between Normans Kill and Suits Ravine
  • I-890 EB between Exit 3 and Exit 4

Suffolk County

  • 27 W/B Titmus Drive to Moriches Middle Island Rd
  • WB LIE, 1/2 mile WO Ext 50 Bagatelle Rd & before Half Hollow Rd Vicinity
  • WB LIE, 1/2 mile WO Ext 51 for RT231 & before Half Hollow Rd Vicinity

Warren County

  • I-87 NB North of Exit 26, over Upper Valley Hill Rd
  • I-87 SB between Exit 23 and Exit 22
  • I-87 NB between Exit 22 and Exit 23/Bridge over Rte 9

Westchester County

  • 907W S/B Between Exit 14 and Exit 13

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