If you've ever seen a demon or something else while you sleep you appear to not be alone.

Sleep paralysis is a very real thing. If you've ever woken up but can't seem to move you are one of the 20% of people who will experience this in your life. They say that it can happen once or if you're unlucky it could happen often.

What exactly is sleep paralysis? WebMD says:

"Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep."

It is indeed a sleep disorder, but it is also not serious. They say that it is just a sign that your body is not smoothly moving through the stages of sleep.

I can imagine how terrifying it must be to wake up and not be able to move. Your mind must jump to a million different conclusions. Now imagine you can't move AND you see something terrifying either on you or near you. That happens, too.

Sleep Paralysis Demons

This is a very real phenomenon that happens during sleep paralysis and it seems all too real to those experiencing it. The good news for those who have seen a demon or creature during these stages of paralysis is that they are just hallucinations, but they've been reported for hundreds of years.

Many folks in the Capital Region detailed their experience with this and it sounds absolutely terrifying.

"Scariest feeling in my life was at a hotel with my ex sleeping and in my sleep I saw the door open and this little baby size red demon came running in on all fours jumped on me and started choking me I sat straight up and my ex said he saw little imprints of hands around my throat." - Brandee

"I’ve experienced sleep paralysis many times and seen the “demon” a handful of them. It’s like a black shadow figure with a cloak on, usually standing/floating in the doorway or at the foot of the bed, once laying above me inches from my face." - Ashlee

"I had an experience that to this day i remember like it was yesterday. I am a light sleeper and something woke me up. There was a human shaped outline of a person at the foot of the bed. It was dark in the room…but this outline was so dark the room darkness seemed light behind it." - David

According to the Sleep Foundation,

Roughly 20% of people have an episode of sleep paralysis at least occasionally. In as many as 75% of these episodes, the sleeper has a hallucination in which they hear, see, feel, or sense something in their bedroom that is not actually there.


The hallucinations that can be felt are that there is an intruder in the home, pressure on the chest, and out of body experiences.

Most of this is often fueled by lack of sleep. Obviously just saying to "get more sleep" is easier said than done and some may suffer an actual medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Rest assured, if you are seeing things in your sleep, they are not real.

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