You might not hear often about there being places in New York State that are susceptible to avalanches, but there are. In fact, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation put out a reminder this week that the conditions are pretty favorable for one right now.

When you are heading outdoors for hiking, snowmobiling or snowshoeing, what should you be aware of and know before you head out into the snow?

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The biggest takeaway from the Department of Environmental Conservation regarding avalanches was the warning that we get them in New York State. I mistakenly thought that they were only in places like Colorado, Europe and Lifetime romance movies.

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Some other takeaways about being prepared to go out into potential avalanche weather in New York?

Man removing snow from a garage roof with rake.

I was also surprised that the DEC didn't say 'don't go' but they did say things like:

  • Be aware of your surroundings, as most outdoors people know, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and either go in pairs or have someone know where you were headed for the day, just in case you don't show back up when you are supposed to.
  • Be prepared for the weather too. Not only does that mean dress right, but it also includes making sure you have a shovel to dig to check on the snowpack, plus you just might need that shovel to help dig you out.
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    Can you still have a great time getting a hike in or a few runs in on an area that could be prime for an avalanche?

    Yes, but your safety is and should be the #1 priority.

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