When you think of the best arms in the NFL, you don't have to wait long to get to Josh Allen.

The Buffalo Bills quarterback might have the strongest arm in the entire league (maybe the entire world). The only quarterbacks in the NFL that match or come close are Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

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Allen's been known to make any throw on the football field, but how fast can the fifth-year Bills quarterback sling the ball?

You really only see ball velocity with pitchers in baseball, and not quarterbacks in football, but someone decided to do some math and figure out not only how far Allen threw a football once, but how fast it went.

If you remember back in the 2019 season, Allen celebrated a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins at Highmark Stadium by chucking the ball as far as he could into the stands.

Allen's ball landed in section 201 in row 7.

Amazon Prime Video did the math and factored in the distance the ball traveled, the initial velocity, horizontal velocity, and vertical velocity. They also factored in angles and other statistics to determine how fast Allen threw that ball.

Their math says that Allen's ball went 161 MPH...

They did say the velocity from which it left his land. My guess is 161 mph from the moment it left his hand but likely lost velocity the further up it traveled because 161 mph for a football seems rather...high.

We do know Josh can throw the ball far and with a major velocity but 161 mph?

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen once tossed a football 161 mph?

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