In order to be a great athlete and have a chance to win championships, you need to have that killer instinct.

Look at Hall of Famer Michale Jordan of the NFL's greatest player of all time, Tom Brady, they were ready to step over their own mothers to win a championship.

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They had the talent and they had the drive to beat everyone else. Bills Mafia, we are hoping that a Lombardi Trophy makes it to Western New York this year and our hopes land squarely on the shoulders of one Mister Josh Allen.

But is Josh too nice of a guy to win it all? Does he want to see every opponent he faces fall flat on their face? In an interview this week with Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network, Josh praised Sunday's opponent Tua Tagovailoa about his comeback play last week.

Josh said he was impressed with how Tua has handled adversity and how much he has grown as a player.

Is Josh too nice to win it all? Being proud of a division rival doesn't seem something that Michael Jordan or Tom Brady would ever admit to.

Now there is some good news. Sure Josh is nice off the field and may heap praise on fellow NFLers, but he can turn on the mean streak while on the field. From hurdling opponents to stiff arms that knock them down, Josh loves playing football. Plus he doesn't seem to mind tossing touchdowns even when the Bills have a big lead.

So is Josh Allen tough enough to win a Super Bowl...Hell yea!

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