The fight continues between Bill and Virginia Jaquish and the Town of German Flatts. The latest motion by the owners of Creekside Mobile Home Park was ruled on today by Supreme Court Judge Norm Siegel.

The motion was in response to a November ruling for the Jaquish's to close down their mobile home park located in a flood zone adjacent to Fulmer Creek of Route 168. The ruling maintains that the town of German Flatts' denial for a floodplain Development Permit. As a result the Jaquish's must close down and vacate their property, as well as the residents within by May 31st, 2017.

According to German Flatts Supervisor, Frank Spatto, the The “floodway” is defined by law as the most dangerous area, where all development is generally prohibited. Spatto says, "The Town Board is encouraged by the Judge’s ruling again upholding our denial of the Jaquishs’ floodplain Development Permit.  We now look forward to the Jaquishs’ compliance with the Judge’s order to close the Creekside Park and move the residents of the Park out of harm’s way by May 31, and before another flood should occur.  We all remember the storm of 2013 when residents of the Park were evacuated to safety by Town personnel and equipment."

It is not known what action Bill and Virginia Jaquish will able to take to save their mobile home park.

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