Here’s a wrap-up of today’s Keeler in the Morning Show on WIBX for Friday, November, 22nd.  50 years ago, JFK was shot in Dallas.

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Bullying
Hometown of the Day: Waterville
Newsmaker of the Day: John F. Kennedy
This Day in History:  click here

Ron Burgandy Performs Campaign Song for Rob Ford

This is funny from Conan:

Topics today:

-Byron Abraham of Notre Dame has resigned as football coach. He's on-air today.

-A terrible arrest in a child death case in Bridgewater

-New Hunger Games movie is out

-JFK Assassination Anniversary is today

-Oneida County Anti-Bullying Law

Willie Waffle on the Movies this Weekend

Willie's website.

Delivery Man - Vince Vaughn is a former sperm donor, whose "donation" led to 533 kids, and over 100 of them want to know the identity of their "Dad".    2

Nebraska - Limited release, some OScar buzz.  Bruce Dern is an elderly man convinced he has won $1 Million and Will Forte is the son who has to drive him to Nebraska to find the truth.  3 Waffles out of 4

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Revolution is in the air, and the evil President Snow thinks he needs to destroy the inspiration, Katniss Everdeen!!!    3 1/2 waffles

Weekend Football Picks

Brandon Lang makes his picks

Should Anthony Picente Sign the New Bullying Law

I say no and here's my reasoning.

Notre Dame High School Football Coach Resigns

Byron Abraham is on air with a sit down interview:

Kennedy Assassination in OD

Frank Perritano on air from the Utica OD

State Senator Joe Griffo on Cyber Security

There was a big event at Griffis this week

Maureen Hancock Promoting Her New Show

Postcards from Heaven

Utica Observer Dispatch Editor

Donna Donovan on the Toy Drive with WIBX, New York Sash and Time Warner Cable to benefit Operation Sunshine.