Additional security measures have been established for this weekend's Proctor @ Whitesboro varsity football game in the wake of a shooting that occurred at the end of a Proctor home game last weekend.

Originally planned for Friday evening, game time for the contest has been moved to Saturday morning at 9:30, while the junior varsity football game between the two schools has been rescheduled from this Saturday to October 28th, to be played at Utica.

Those attending this Saturday's varsity game at Whitesboro's Chiz Frye Field, located on the Middle School campus, will face security screenings as they enter. All will be required to access the stadium through a single point of entry, where a metal detection device will be used, school officials said.


"Purses and other similar items are subject to search prior to entry.  No backpacks will be allowed.  We appreciate your patience as we implement these additional security measures; entry may take longer than usual," according to Whitesboro's district website.

This enhanced security follows a shooting that occurred on the Proctor campus last Saturday, when one of the school's security guards was struck with a bullet in the back of the head trying to break up a melee involving a group who had been denied access to the football stadium. Utica Police said the scuffle and subsequent shooting happened in a school parking lot between Proctor High School and the football field, as Utica's game against Binghamton was just ending.

Amazingly, the bullet missed the guard's skull and exited near his ear before doing significant damage, officials have said. The guard was discharged from the hospital earlier this week and continues to recover.

UPD officials have arrested a 16-year-old whom they say is responsible for the shooting. His name has not been released due to his age. The teen is not an enrolled student at the high school, officials said.

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