Monday, February 10, 2014

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Do you Remember Compulsory Figure Skating? It was taken out of the Olympics about 20 years ago.  Here's Dorothy Hamil in her big year, 1976.

Turn On the Utica Beer Light over the Brewery

A caller, Joe Load, asked us to start a campaign to get the light working again which used to light up the West Utica skyline.  Join the campaign at #UticaLight:

First NFL Gay Player?

Michael Sam a college football star and NFL prospect has announced he's gay.

Syracuse Basketball Update - They go to 23-0

Bob Roth is our Syracuse guru with a report on Sunday's Clemson game and a preview of Wednesday's game with Pitt:

Denise Called in To Talk about a Terrible Story from the Aud

She was at the Pioneers Hockey game on Saturday when a disabled man was in the ladies room and left alone:

Mark Rende from Mr. McGills on Air

Talking about fire and his mobile truck.  The truck runs at the McGills location Wednesday through Sunday.  Mark says he's looking for a new location and hopes to re-open soon.

Mark Needham Is Promoting Utica Riggies Potato Chips

It's a contest called "Lays Do Us a Flavor" - and people have to vote.  To vote go to:  If he wins the $1 million dollars, he'll donate 80% of it to benefit small business charities in the Utica area.

 High School Basketball Update:  Ron Moshier of the Utica OD

It's the last weekend of the regular season:

25 Insane Athlete Purchases

Blogger Amber Lee wrote the story about wild purchases buy rich athletes. We had some fun discussing this one:

The Food Babe was able to get Subway to stop using that chemical in the bread

Vani Hari is the 'Food Babe' and is on air to talk about her successful campaign.  The chemical, azodicarbonamide, is banned in Europe and Australia.  Now the FDA is considering a ban in America:

WKTV's Olympic Coverage - Steve McMurray in-studio

Steve will talk about the next two weeks of Olympics, Erin Hamlin and some other things happening at WKTV:

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