Monday, February 3, 2014

WIBX VIP Club Gripe of the Day is: Heroin
Hometown of the Day: Fairport
Newsmaker of the Day: Seattle Seahawks
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What a weekend!

The Comets sold out Friday and Saturday, Leon and Romy sold out Saturday at the Stanley, Syracuse had a huge win, the Superbowl was a blow out.  What a weekend!

Who was the Voiceover artist in the Chobani commercial?  Turns out, he's a great actor who is a great Showtime series.  Find out who and read the story here.

Favorite Commercial in the Super Bowl

Did you have one.  Most people felt things were a bit lame.

What a Win for Syracuse on Saturday Night

Here are some quotable quotes of what people were saying after the game, including our own staff.

What Channel is the Syracuse Notre Dame Game on Tonight

Here's the story.

You'll Never Guess Who Piper's New Cell Mate is Going to be in Season 2 of 'Orange is the New Black'

Here it is! 

What a Weekend-  There was a lot going on everything was sold out!

What does that tell us about the area.  Keeler thinks it means there's hope in this editorial.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Found dead from what authorities say is a drug overdose.  Heroin.  Hoffman was an Upstate New Yorker.  He was from Fairport, near Rochester, according to this story.

VIP with the Tanked Guys compliments of New York Sash.  We'll give away a new qualifier each day this week.  The Home Show is this weekend at the Turning Stone.


Obama vs. Bill O'Reilly Pre-game Superbowl

Here's the video of the President and O'Reilly

'911 Truthers' Crashed the Superbowl Post Game Press Event  

Mighty John The Record Guy

The most valuable Beatles records

Ron Moshier of the Utica OD

High School Basketball and 'Cuse action.  Plus - we talked about the Super Bowl and Proctor High School's chances in the post season.

Utica College Women's Hockey Takes on #2 in the Nation Tues

Megan Myers and Vanessa Maines from the team are in-studio.  There was a lot to discuss - including, does the ladies hockey locker room smell as bad as the men's?  We got an interesting answer.

DeIorios Bakery - Their Pizza is at Yankee Stadium

Jim Viti in studio talking about their frozen dough.  It's used for pizza at Yankee Stadium.

Utica College Men's Coach Gary Heenan

It's getting heated.  They have 5 games left in the regular season...all at home starting Friday night.