Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Topics This Morning

-Daylight SAVING Time

-Very cold, 8-below zero this morning...winter is not over


-The parents of the NJ girl who were sued...another angle

Ray Stagich of the Weather Channel

Warmer Temps...BUT- There doesn't seem to be an end in sight when it comes to winter

Gabby Cabby - Peter Franklin from NYC

His True Tales - Clowns arrested, Exploding cell phones and a suit case that doubles as a toilet for your dog...when you're in public.  Check out his website to learn more about Peter and his cab tour of New York City.

 Jeff Mathews of Eyewitness News

Jeff is the Chief Meteorologist at WUTR - he's in studio to talk about weather, and then some...

Segment 1:

Jeff was nice enough to stick around and wait through other guest to joins us for some cold weather history in CNY:

Segment 2:

A Ukrainian American - Slava NakonNechny

She's from the Utica area and is on to talk about the Russian conflict.  She's been in America for 17 years, is now a U. S. citizen and still has many friends in Ukraine.

Republican Candidate for Governor Rob Astorino

He announced his candidacy yesterday - on air this morning.

Fight For Our Valley Schools Rally Tonight

Mark Vivacqua from Herkimer County BOCES is on to talk about the unfair funding that is strangling our local schools.

State of the County Address

Anthony Picente, County Executive in studio

Segement 1:

Segment 2:

Utica On Tap - Beer Tasting

John Naegele is to give us a sample of another craft beer. (audio is above file - Picente Seg 1)

The Rome - Betsy Ross - Nursing Home Story

President of the NAACP Phonon Perrilloux is on to talk about the story: