Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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There's a New Development in the Herkimer County Cow Story

One of the guys involved actually worked for a school district in Connecticut.

We took calls to answer questions...

-How long would something like this have to be going on for the farmer to notice?

-Lower milk production?


Ted Nugent Was on CNN - Ambushed?

Erin Burnett interviewed Nugent on calling the president certain names.

Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby

Peter hits the True Tales of New York City.  Check out his website for details on his tour.

Weight Loss and the Heart Radio Thon on WIBX

Bill, Jeff and Andrew each trying to lose weight and eat healthy.  Plus how the radio-thin started.

Dan Jones from the Turning Stone on the new slot machines

The new machines will take money and have jackpots in the millions.

Anderson Cooper on the Arizona Law - Religion vs. Gays

Ted Nugent on CNN

Utica's Big Bang - Lt. Steve Hauck with a Briefing

Traffic, safety, etc.  The Fay Street Warehouse building is being imploded on Sunday.

Health Expo as part of our WIBX Heart Radio-Thon

Alice Browar was in talking about the My Heart My Life Expo

Audio in above file with Lt. Hauck

Conservative Carl Paladino

On Air to talk about NY Politics and the Governor.

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai

There was a story out there that the FCC wanted to put cameras in newsrooms across the country.  Talk about opening a can of worms!!!  Commissioner Pai is being called a hero of the First Amendment as he was the whistle blower on this story.