Friday, January 13th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- We talk about the cold and flu season, Cuomo's "Pie in the Sky" promises, and more stories making headlines.

- Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio joins us this morning to discuss the wage gap between College Grads and everyone else.

- Rachael Witter from Eyewitness News joins us this morning to give us an idea of the long-term forecast for next week. We also discuss a big shake-up at ESPN. New additions have also been made to the Buffalo Bills coaching staff.

- Willie Waffle is our expert movie-reviewer who gives us the rundown from the weekend. He, like Jeff, is suffering from the flu. Here are the films he's reviewing:

  • Patriot's Day - Hunting for the Boston Marathon bombers.
  • Live By Night - Ben Affleck is a gangster.
  • Monster Trucks - An alien comes to earth and becomes the motor for a kid's beat up truck.
  • Bye Bye Man - Horror movie about a legendary boogie man type figure.
  • Sleepless - An ethically challenged cop must find his kidnapped son.

7 AM Hour

- We speak with John Zogby for the first time in 2017. We talk to him about the exit of one President, and the beginning of another administration. There are some major differences, as John points out.

- Mark Kelso is with the Buffalo Bills and he is on this morning to talk about the latest coaching staff additions. What does the future hold for the team in Western New York?

***Gary in Rome tries to win our Free Money Question of the Day. He gets a Utica College question and does not win.***

- In studio is Assemblyman Marc Butler. He is in to talk about a number of issues in the state, and Senator Jim Seward joins the conversation as well.

8 AM Hour

- Marc Butler sticks around to talk more state and local politics, but we are also joined by Coach Gary Heenan of Utica College Hockey. They are undefeated in ECAC play, and he talks about his expectations for the rest of the season.

- We continue discussing the "handling" of the Governor, and the choices made to hammer him. Butler is also promoting his annual event at Waterfront Grille to benefit the United Way.

- Thomas Wells is a local bee farmer, and he's on to talk about an unexpected problem facing the ecosystem of the world. There is a major decline in the bee population, and it could lead to bigger problems.

- We wrap this morning talking with Mark Dudek and Maggie Hansen about college programs for people with disabilities.

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