Wednesday, June 20th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Bill offers a little treat this morning and it's gold! Donald Sterling is at it again! He gets himself on tape again only this time yelling at a doctor for UCLA.

- Bill compares this rant to an Ed Hanna rant!

- Bill remembers Ed Hanna and all his antics.

- We are days away from the Primary and there is a dancing chicken downtown supporting Claudia Tenney calling Hanna out for not debating him. She is on a crusade on Sunday to find her opponent and debate him wherever she can find him.

- Never the less, there is a chicken dancing downtown. Is this fair play or embarrassing?

- Medical Marijuana will pass in New York State and the differences of edibles and smoking.


- Bill has heard of people getting "sick" when cops burned pot fields.

- If it is fully legalized, it won't be like you can drive around smoking a marijuana cigarette or get an edible pot cookie in a work vending machine. It will be like alcohol and highly regulated.

- The justice system needs to reevaluate how people are punished for certain crimes. Bill's mini-rant for today.

- Jackie calls in to comment on the chicken and she feels its fair play because she feels he has berated her and she doesn't have the money some others do.


- Intern Ed gives a little Weekend World Cup preview and a little update. He needs to work on his British accent.

- Bill believes his hair is growing from these vitamins and he needs to get more. He is not being supplied with these, he's buying them and it works!

If you want these pills to grow hair, contact Meghan Welker at the Last Tangle in New Hartford near Cavallo’s or call 507-2880.

- Bill has discovered a story where a man was taking an arthritis pill and he grew a full head of hair!

Look closely and you can see the hair growth on the guy:

Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM
Kristine Bellino, WIBX/TSM

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- We discuss baldness and the weather with Ray.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Review

- Jersey Boys - Clint Eastwood makes a movie of the popular musical.

- Think Like A Man Too - The gang gets together for a wedding, but trouble ensues in Vegas.


- We spoke with one woman last hour who feels the chicken downtown is fair because of the PAC Ads against Tenney.

- We discuss the effectiveness of negative ADs.

- Tenney believes that what happened to Eric Cantor makes it possible for her.

- Harley Davidson is releasing an electric motorcycle and it sounds like a private jet. It will be released soon.

- A man in Dayton made up a story about being shot and saved by the bible in his left front pocket.


- We have sent our intern Ed downtown to try and speak with the Chicken.

- Great weather on the way this weekend and with that, you can start Summer off right at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds for the World's Largest Yard Sale!

- We discuss what's good about a yard sale and what's not, but The World's Largest Yard sale is great!

- Bill got two great things at a yard sale a retro Coke machine and an industrial Milkshake maker.

Congressman Richard Hanna - Primary Race

- We speak with Congressman Hanna about the election.

Robert Channing - AGT Contestant

- 9:00 on Sunday is Show-Stopping Sunday and it's a big premiere. Robert will be on that night!

 Walter Bazar and Robert Meringolo

- Les calls in quick to comment on the PAC Ads for Richard Hanna against Tenney.

- Walter and Robert will be at the Stanley Theatre this Sunday from 9 AM - 7 PM for The Antique Appraisal Roadshow.

- Bring your items that you buy at the World's Largest Yard Sale Saturday at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds to get them appraised.

- The gentleman told us about some rare items discovered right in Upstate New York including a previously undiscovered Leonardo Da Vinci that sold for right around $65 Million.

- If you have an item you want appraised you can also email:

Claudia Tenney - Congressional Primary

- We spoke with Claudia about the Congressional primary election being held on Tuesday.

Senator Joe Griffo - Medical Marijuana/End of Session

- We spoke with Senator Griffo about his frustrations with the end of session, including long hours.

- We discuss bills that still need to be voted on including Medical Marijuana.

Wrapping Up With Robert Channing

- Be sure to watch and tweet along on Sunday at 9pm to see and support CNY Native Robert Channing on America's Got Talent! Tweet him @Robert_Channing.

Have a great weekend!

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