Friday, June 26th, 2015

Today we get our movie reviews from Willie Waffle, Lt. Steve Hauck joins us in studio, and we have a left and right debate on Supreme Court rulings.

6 AM Hour

- France beheading is unbelievable, Dustin Diamond also gets sentenced for stabbing on Christmas Day, and we talk about his career.

- Jeff is going to be a father! He and his wife are expecting a baby boy and we talk about how people think they can predict the sex of the child.

- Everclear and other artists will be coming to Saranac tonight for a concert, Stefan calls up to congratulate Jeff, and we get our Weather Channel forecast from Jeff Maher.

- Willie Waffle is our trusty Weekend Movie Reviewer and he talks about the two new movies out this weekend including 'Ted 2' and 'Max.' He also talk about the records broken by 'Jurassic World.'

7 AM Hour

- Lt. Steve Hauck from the UPD is on to give a little insight into the Dannemora escapee case.

- Lisa Noll is a healthcare professional who is also a lesbian. She is on to comment this morning about the Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare and the decision that will come today on Gay Marriage.

- The Seal of the Town of Whitesboro has a somewhat questionable logo image and we relate the conversation to the Confederate Flag.

- Utica Councilman Frank Vescera is in to talk about Monday Nights at Hanna Park. There are a number of bands that come in and entertain people free of charge with no cost to tax payers.

8 AM Hour

- Joe Schmidt is from Munson-Williams and he's on to talk about the upcoming Arts Festival along Genesee St. and there is a big Garden event tonight. We also talk to Joe about the Confederate Flag and the museum aspect of the issue.

- We have a debate on the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act. We speak with one representative from the left, Tharon Johnson, and one from the right, Paul Ketchel. They give their reasons for their feelings on the ruling.

- Guess that singer!!

- We talk healthcare with Lou and we get a couple guesses on the Guess that Singer contest!