Friday, March 10th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio joins us for an update on the Healthcare Overhaul latest.

- Our star movie reviewer Willie Waffle joins us to give his thoughts on the only movie opening up this weekend and that is Kong: Skull Island. He gave this remake 2 1/1 Waffles. Willie Waffle is brought to you by Honest John's Hotdogs.

7 AM Hour

***Senator Joe Griffo joins us for the hour to talk about a number of things going on including the Rome Hospital, Varick Street Open-Container law proposal and more.***

- We talk with Coach Rob Haberbusch of Hamilton College about his teams participation in the NCAA tournament.

- We talk with Rome Memorial Hospital President and CEO David Lundquist about their announcement of affiliation with St. Joseph's in Syracuse.

- Griffo gives us his thoughts on a number of issues he's working on in Albany including marriage age, antisemitism, and cyber-terrorism.

8 AM Hour

- New York State DOT's Jim Piccola is in this morning to update us on the Arterial project and the latest ramp closure. He also talks about a medical emergency that he and his crew assisted with.

- Assemblyman Brian Miller joins us briefly to discuss what he and Assemblyman Marc Butler are doing to help Remington avoid more layoffs and possibly bring back some of the jobs lost.

- Mayor Rob Palmieri joins us this morning to talk about a number of topics. We start with the parade rescheduling, we also talk about the Downtown Casino, and other city issues.

- Gina Ciaccia is in from the Meatball Madness committee. She promotes this delicious event coming up this Sunday.

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