Friday, March 27th, 2015

Today we get the movie reviews from Willie Waffle, We also talk with Chief Deputy Jon Owens who had an incredible experience, and Bob Bogosian who is a microbiologist and has an amazing hand sanitizer.

***Today’s Topics***


- We talk about how long the week was and we catch up on some of the latest headlines. We also talk about what's coming up today. We discuss at length the German Airbush Crash.


- An explosion occurred due to a gas line in New York City.


- We do a contest where we give the listener the choice of the contest. Dean is the contestant and he decides to go with 'The Music Game.' Ray Stagich also gives us the Weather Channel forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

Home - Animated film.  An alien (Jim Parsons) being chased from his home planet lands on Earth and becomes pals with Tip (Rihanna)

Get Hard - A millionaire (Will Ferrell) is found guilty of fraud, and turns to someone he thought has been prison (Kevin Hart) for advice on how to survive in jail.

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Deputy Chief Jon Owens - Oneida County Sheriff's Dept.

- Deputy Jon Owens has accomplished something that only 4 other OC Sheriff Deputies have done. He participated in the 259th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He also accomplished some great physical feats.

Brandon Lang - NCAA 'Sweet 16'

- Brandon Lang is our sports betting expert and the inspiration for the movie 'Two for the Money' with Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino. He gives us his final picks.


- Dr. Patrick Moore is a lobbyist for Round-Up (The weed killer spray) and during a French TV interview, he said the active ingredient in the spray is so safe you can drink it! Also, everyone is hyper focused on every word that Ted Cruz says. Planet Fitness is facing a lawsuit due to a woman losing her membership for not being happy about a transgender woman being in the locker room.

The Music Game (Part 2)

- This time it's Ron as our contestant and he is going to try and winner dinner for 2 at Charlie's Pizza and Holland Farms Coffee and half-moons.

Joe Monfiletto - AARP Volunteer

- Joe and other AARP volunteers believe consumers should have their own voice to fight for fair electricity rates. Before we get to Joe, we talk about the girl that was kidnapped on Spring Break.


- We talk about a unique sign up on Higby Rd. that says "Dip." We discuss this at length. Have you ever seen one? Also, William calls up to talk about a few issues.

Bob Bogosian - Global Biotechnologies Inc.

- Bob is the President and Director of Research at Global Biotechnologies. He is a microbiologist and talks about killing germs and avoiding the spread of germs. He also talks about why hospitals and nursing homes have an increase in infection. He also talks about his foaming hand sanitizer.

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