Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Today we will speak with Ed Welsh from AAA to discuss the air bag recall. We also will talk to Sheriff Rob Maciol about boating safety this Memorial Day weekend and we'll do a blind taste test with hot dogs.

6 AM Hour

- Bill gives someone the chance to win a $25 Charlie's Gift Card if they could correctly guess who's air check he played. Jeff from Frankfort got it right away!

- Willie Waffle is on to give us the Memorial Day Weekend movie reviews including Poltergeist and Tomorrowland. Before you go to the movies make sure you visit Willie's website first!

7 AM Hour

- Bill talks about Herkimer Diamond Mines and it amazes him the number of people who come in to town just for the Herkimer Diamond mines. Dan Aykroyd even knows about Herkimer Diamond Mines because he uses it for his vodka, "Crystal Head."

- The moment has finally arrived! We fire up the grill to prep the hot dogs and we give someone the chance to win Comets tickets.

- The blind taste test has finally arrived. Andrew nails which one is Hoffman's and which is Honest John's. His preference is the Honest John's. Bill waits to give his choice until after the break.

8 AM Hour

- We recap the rough night Jeff had helping his mother with a fire.

- We make one last attempt to give away these Comets tickets with The Music Game. We wish everyone a Memorable Memorial Day and we'll be back on Tuesday. We're off Monday. Have fun and stay safe!