Friday, November 28th, 2014

Is Black Friday still what it used to be? We talk with a Black Friday Trends expert on today's show and we'll get the weekend movie reviews from Willie Waffle!

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***Today’s Topics***


- Is Black Friday what it used to be? Also, these big blockbuster films are taking a different approach.


- It snowed a good deal yesterday and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. No big fights at Thanksgiving this year, but a fire due to deep fried turkey did happen.


- Thanksgiving meals are bad for people with acid refulx and people trying to lose weight. We discuss some more Black Friday deals available.

- Ken Boone from the Weather Channel gives us our weekend weather forecast.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

Horrible Bosses 2 - The guys are back and want to kidnap someone who has done them wrong.

The Penguins of Madagascar - The Penguins try to stop a super villain.

Foxcatcher - Steve Carell as John du Pont.

The Theory of Everything - The Stephen Hawking Story, but about his life and the love of his life, not the work.

Before you go to the movies make sure you check in with Willie's Reviews at

Rich Rubino - Blogger and Political Author

- He wrote The Political Bible of Humorous Quotations from American Politics. This book contains hilarious quotes from American politicians on the campaign trail and beyond.

Katlean De Monchy - Trends Expert

- Is Black Friday the craze that it used to be?

Andrew on the Scene

- We check in with Andrew who is LIVE at the Riverside Center to give an update on how things are over there.

Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

- We compare the deals available today versus on Monday for Cyber Monday.

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Michael from Washington Mills is the contestant today and he didn't win the $100, but he does win dinner for 2 at Carmella's. His guess was very close though.

Gary Heenan - UC Hockey

- Before we get to Gary, Tom gives us a Little Falls update. Gary talks to us about the matinee game today at 2pm. It's WIBX Day!


- Would you name a star or pebble after somebody?

Joe Shrank - Recovery Expert

- Before we talk to Joe, we play some of the Richard Sherman audio from a skit poking fun of the NFL.

- Joe is a recovery expert and is on to talk about a study that shows more people over 60 drinks more than teens. He also talks about the battle with alcohol for people.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- John in Utica is our contestant and his question is when did the term Black Friday become big? His answer was the 1980s. It was the 1960s, but he still wins dinner for 2 at Carmella's.