Friday, November 6th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Bill's beef with the Bills' uniforms.

One man was protesting in downtown Utica on Thursday. The story seems interesting...Sovereign Citizens? What does that mean?

A guy named Taylor Swift. As you can imagine, it brings him a lot of attention...but not all bad. Plus, a FREE Money Question of the Day

Willie Waffle has high praise for some this weekend's releases

7 AM Hour

Joe Load is at it again. This time he's upset about the closure of the John Street exit in Utica. He seems more upset with the new bike lane. We talk with Jim Piccola from the DOT for an explanation

We chat with Robert Buchholz who claims to be a Sovereign US Citizen. What does that mean? This was an interesting conversation.

Robert Buchholz Sovereign Citizen Part 2

Robert Buchholz Sovereign Citizen Part 3

8 AM Hour

Robert Buchholz Sovereign Citizen Part 4

Dr. Russell Skinner - Do over the counter medicines really work to fight your cold symptoms?

Duff Holmes and Eric Mendiola of Mohawk Valley MMA

Turning Stone Resort and Casino held a media night to showcase their restaurants on Thursday night. Andrew and Keeler were there

Final FREE Money Question for the week

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