Friday, October 17th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- We start off talking about the massive amount of rain we've been getting and the risk of a flood along the Mohawk River. The water is really rushing and this weather is unusual for October.

- Kim Jung-Un has been spotted again and there are also some photos that may not be genuine, but reminiscent of the Cold War.

- We talk about two stories involving children. There is one in Ilion and one out of Rome. In Ilion a father allegedly beat their child with a vaccum cleaner cord and a the baby in Rome is suffering from "Shaken Baby Syndrome."

- The head of the CDC testified in front of Congress and a senior member of the CDC allowed the nurse to fly when she was feeling under the weather. They really gave him a hard time about the travel ban conversation with the White House.

- Two schools closed down yesterday because one of the staff members at the school flew on the plane with the nurse who eventually tested positive for Ebola. They cleaned the school.


- We discuss briefly the Jets vs. Patriots game, and as a Bills fan he was rooting for the Jets. They almost pulled it off, but lost with a last minute field goal.

- A drug dealer made the mistake of delivering a big package of drugs to the wrong house which led to the dealer's arrest.

- A woman in labor and her husband were speeding to the hospital in the middle of the night and when an officer finally turned the lights on, they kept going. Well a tack strip ended up stopping their car.

- Wayne calls up to comment on the baby being his with the cord.


- Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, has been discharged from the Navy due to a failed drug test for cocaine. Does this cast a dark shadow over the parent, in this case Joe Biden. Will this effect his possible run for President?

- We review the story of the pregnant woman and her husband being dragged from the car while she was in labor.

Ray Stagich - The Weather Channel

- Ray gives us a forecast for the weekend. We'll have some possible rain showers, but limited. Overcast today, with temperatures dropping pretty considerably for Saturday night and Sunday.

Willie Waffle - Weekend Movie Reviews

- Before we get to the movie reviews, Willie gives his take on the newer Star Wars movies coming out. We discuss the idiocy of Jar Jar Binks.

- The Best of Me - Two former high school sweethearts reunite years later and must confront what tore them apart.  Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.

- Fury - As World War II is drawing to a close, Brad Pitt leads a tank crew behind enemy lines to beat the Nazis!

- The Book of Life - A young man must face his greatest fears to win the woman of his dreams.

Before you go to the movies, make sure you check out Willie's Website:

Brandon Lang - Week 7 Picks

- Brandon starts off by giving his pick of the week if you did only one game, and that's Indy over Cincy.

- Brandon is doing well so far this year.

- Bill asks Brandon about the programming decisions of the NFL. He will investigate that and feels that it's a mistake that AFC teams were on FOX.

- Brandon gives a few more picks, but for all the information and the Free All-Access pass, visit

They Say It's Your Birthday...

  • Robert Castellano from New Hartford
  • Angelina Roche from Sauquoit
Congratulations to Robert Castellano from New Hartford you win the cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop!

- We replay the story about the couple who was driving to the hospital because of a baby coming and they became a part of a high speed chase.

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Before we get to the contestant we talk about the thrifty woman who uses her hair to floss her teeth. Gross!

- Alyssa is our contestant and she weighs in on the woman who flosses her teeth with her hair. Alyssa is from Barneveld. She doesn't win the $100, but she does win dinner at Carmella's for 2. The question was which city is Hollywood technically in? It was Los Angeles.

- We discuss the case of the Ilion parent who allegedly beat their child.

Runnings in Rome Grand Opening

- Dennis Jensen is the Director of Marketing and Advertising at the brand new store in Rome called Runnings! Lance is in studio as well. Lance Buckingham is the store manager at Runnings.

- Runnings is your one stop shop for life in the great outdoors, homes, auto and everything you might need.

- Thurman Thomas, the Hall of Fame former Buffalo Bills Runningback will be on hand to sign autographs and there will be a hot dog feed with proceeds benefiting the Humane Society, and a bunch of giveaways including a Ford F150, Pheasant Hunt, and Rifle.

- They give us a little background on the origins of Runnings and their locations around the country.

- Thurman Thomas will be there from 11-1 and they are limiting the autographs to two items.

- There will also be Mutton Bustin.' Kids will have the chance to ride a sheep for 6 seconds and they could win!

Mutton Bustin'


- We talk about Lottery winners and problems they face after the jackpot. In China, there was a big winner that the winner of the jackpot lottery is wearing a bear suit when having to do anything with picking up the prize.

For the Full Story Visit:


- We talk about the Apple advances and the new Operating System Update coming soon. The Apple Pay system will be accepted by Wegman's and other stores. Everything on the iPhone is encrypted so there will be no way of hacking or tracking.

- JoJo calls up to give his college picks and one NFL pick.

- Bill gives the list of causes of death for people in the country, so don't worry about Ebola.

Vige Barrie - Hamilton College

- We talk with Vige about the guests that have spoken at Hamilton. She also talks about how they have received 5x more requests for Derek Jeter than they usually get.

- The field house will host the event this time and it will make things easier than the venue in the past. It will be at the Field House.

- We talk about why Derek Jeter was a great choice for this event.

- She gives us a bunch of events coming up and Vige let's us know when things are happening including an event for teacher's about Common Core and Creative Writing Workshops.

Phyllis Ellis - Oneida County Director of Health

- Phyllis is on today to talk about what precautions the county is doing to ease people's minds about the Ebola situation.

- Phyllis talks about symptoms and signs of Ebola and travel history is the most important thing.

- She discusses strategies on how to avoid the problem getting to Upstate New York and she talks briefly about the CDC worker's decision to clear the nurse infected to fly.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Our contestant is Samantha from Yorkville! She automatically wins the dinner at Carmella's and now she's going for $100 with this question: What Horoscope Sign Features a Crab? She answers correctly with the answer Cancer!

- We all get so excited when someone wins and Congrats to Samantha.

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