Friday, October 23rd, 2015

6 AM Hour

Keeler criticizes republicans for their handling of yesterday's Benghazi hearing.

Is Bill going crazy? He believes he's being served something else when he orders Grey Goose

Monaski's wife is 8 months pregnant. So that means it's okay to comment on her size? Um, no. Plus, our first FREE Money Question of the Day

Willie Waffle reviews the movies out this weekend. Steve Jobs, Rock The Kasbah and Paranormal Activity

7 AM Hour

Joshua Katz from The Enright Group weighs in on Thursday's Benghazi Hearing. And, Rodger Potocki blasts Keeler of his take on those hearings.

Callers weigh in on Benghazi

More callers want to discuss the Benghazi hearings

Heidi had her car stolen in Utica recently. She says the alleged thief is only facing misdemeanor charges. UPD Lt. Steve Hauck is in studio to discuss.

8 AM Hour

Callers react to the previous segment: Stealing a car is a misdemeanor? And, Jordan Shot of the United Way and Steve Kukowski of Utica National are in studio.

Pat Becher, Mohawk Valley Water Authority is proposing a rate increase of 2%

A local bartender's thoughts on a story Keeler shared earlier - he thinks he's paying for Grey Goose but getting something else.

Final FREE Money Question of the Day and Stump Rondenelli.

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