Monday, April 111th, 2016


6 AM Hour

We discuss the tragic story this past weekend of the shooting death of Will Smith, the New Orleans Saints' player, who is also a Utica native and Proctor High School graduate.  There are some interesting issues being raised by the alleged shooter's present attorney.

We speak with Tonya J. Powers of Fox News about Election 2016.

John Fuller, the attorney of the alleged shooter of NFL player Will Smith, claims that Smith was the aggressor in the fight between Smith and the suspect, Cardell Hayes.

Will Smith had been invited by the Utica Observer-Dispatch to Utica on Thursday.


We talk about The Masters, and Jordan Spieth's apparent meltdown.  Danny Willett is the 2016 Master's champion.

Local singer Ryan Quinn is on the live rounds at NBC's "The Voice" tonight.

Keeler was at The Turning Stone to see Steve Martin and Martin Short last night.


7 AM Hour

The Utica Comets are in the Calder Cup playoffs once again.

Will Smith's high school football coach, Gerry Fiorini, talks about the loss of Will Smith.  Fiorini says that Smith was just amazing in all aspects of his life.  Ron Moshier will join us.  The Utica Observer Dispatch's Moshier had a very special connection with Smith.  Smith ran several local football camps in Utica, often bringing players and coaches with him.  He donated his time and energy to the children of Utica.  Fiorini says Will Smith "turned into a man in front of our eyes."

Professor Allan Saxe of the University of Texas at Arlington talks about the effect that independent voters will have on the 2016 elections.  He says, "The United States is moving more and more toward (being) a democracy with a little 'd.'"

Happy Birthday to:

  • Marie Kennerknecht from Utica

The cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica, New York goes to Marie.



The death of Will Smith continues to weigh heavily on everyone's minds.

Carissa Jones of Utica went to high school with Will Smith.  She says that Smith, who was an upperclassman at the time. helped her through some tough times at school.  She says, "He helped me survive my first year of Proctor High School gym...which was terrifying."  She says that he eased her mind and was a genuine person.  She says that he had a big heart and "cared about everybody."

8 AM Hour

Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara joins us to talk about the fact that he will not seek the Oneida County Court Judge's position being vacated by the retiring Judge Barry Donalty.

First McNamara weighs in on the Will Smith case, cautioning the public not to be swayed by coincidences and to let the evidence be examined before any conclusions are drawn.

Ron Moshier has followed Will Smith since the NFL player was a child.  He is personally affected by the loss of Smith.  He says that this was a tough weekend.  He says that it is not usually ethical to get close to the subject of a story and he definitely got close to Smith.  Moshier says that Smith, a Super Bowl champion, was most a very special person.  He says that he may never cover a player of Smith's caliber ever again.  Moshier was with Smith when he wsa drafted by the NFL.  "In my opinion," Moshier says, "he was the most accomplished professional athlete to ever come out of this area."  Moshier reminds us that Smith was scheduled to be here Thursday night to help inspire more local children.  "He was a giant of a man but very soft-spoken..."

Mosher says that writing yesterday's piece in the Utica Observer-Dispatch was one of the toughest things that he has ever done.  He talks about the positive influence that nany Smith, Will's grandmother, had on him.


Mark Caswell, Jr. of the Utica Comets joins us.  Will Smith, he says, was scheduled to drop our the ceremonial first puck for the Utica Comets games on Friday night.

Caller Scott from Utica calls in to talk about the disgrace of the death of Will Smith.  "I don't know any of them but I'm proud that they came from Utica, New York."

Stefan calls in and says, "Will Smith is an example of what an NFL player should be...and Roger Goodell should show rookie players videos of Will Smith..."

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