Monday, August 15th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Olympic Update: Ryan Lochte gets robbed and Michael Phelps retires, again

The latest on the campaign trail: Donald Trump calls the national media 'corrupt' and 'dishonest'

Keeler forgot to do something this morning. Now, Andrew gets to wake up Allison and do what he didn't do

7 AM Hour

An important piece in the North-South Arterial project is being done this week forcing the temporary closure of the northbound lanes. Jim Piccola from the DOT is on to talk about it

How did Keeler do on the first full weekend of his diet?

We discuss the latest in the 'Making A Murderer' saga. The nephew of Steven Avery has had his conviction overturned. Andrew jumps on the and pulls out his best Steven Avery impression

Crazy new headlines. Are these real or not?

8 AM Hour

AutoTalk host Ed Welsh has some predictions about fall and winter gas prices. It seems we'll continue to see prices decline, and may soon head back under $2 a gallon

Rome Mayor Jackie Izzo is working on her first budget. She says 2017 will likely be a tough year, but is looking to avoid tax increases and layoffs

Audio of an amazing rescue in Louisiana. A woman was saved from her submerged vehicle. And, they saved her dog, too!