Monday, February 1st, 2016

6 AM Hour

Kristine was in Flint, Michigan this weekend, Here's what she learned. Plus, Fox's Tonya J Powers with a preview of the Iowa Caucuses

Discussing how the Iowa Caucuses work. And, more on the lead piping issues in Flint, and why it's an issue there and not in other communities that have lead pipes

Peter Franklin the Gabby Cabby with a Special Report

7 AM Hour

Keeler has noticed very aggressive panhandlers in Syracuse

Apparently panhandlers are everywhere, Keeler just doesn't seem to notice?

Bill Currie is the man who have volunteered to drive a Utica Mack Truck full of water to Flint

Keeler has details on how you can win $1,000 from WIBX and Charlie's Pizza. Plus, we check in with Tom Heiland again, who is delivering a Utica Mack truck to Chanatry's for our collection this week.

A FREE Money Question of the Day. And, Keeler is on a Death Wish Coffee kick

8 AM Hour

Pollster John Zogby with a preview of the Iowa Caucuses. Is the large field of GOP candidate helping or hurting Trump?

Senator Joe Griffo in studio on the MMA bill that is still alive in New York. Plus, Griffo announces is withdrawing from consideration in a congressional run

Discussing the candidates in the race for NY's 22nd

Assemblywoman and congressional candidate Claudia Tenney discusses her campaign and finances

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