Monday, February 8th, 2016

6 AM Hour

Super Bowl 50 - Recapping the game, the celebration (or lack thereof) and the commercials

GOP debate Saturday night. Critics say governors did well. Well, better than the robotic Rubio

An update on local gas prices - many of which are now under $2. Trump and Carson blow their intros at Saturday's debate. Plus, Bernie Sanders on SNL

FREE Money Question of the Day. And, what did we think of SB Halftime

7 AM Hour

Advertising expert Aria Cochran on Super Bowl Commercials. To our surprise, she really seemed to like them

Joe Load weighs in on this year's Super Bowl Commercials

We announce the winner of our $1,000 giveaway. Plus, Jim Zecca talks about his stump for Trump

A preview of our conversation with now-former Oneida County Legislator Harmony Speciale

8 AM Hour

An update on our water drive. And, Central Valley Superintendent Richard Hughes

Bill Currie, our drive to Flint, MI stops in for a recap of his first trip

Oneida County Board Chairman Gerald Fiorini and now-former county legislator Harmony Speciale on her losing her seat on the board.

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