Monday, January 16th, 2017

6 AM Hour

- We start off the morning talking a little football, and we go over the big headlines over the weekend.

- Rachel Sutherland of Fox News gives us an update on how Washington D.C. is preparing for Inauguration weekend.

- Bill goes over a video of a man counting from 1 - 100,000. Chris Rock has a MLK bit, and the biggest Circus in the world is soon closing. He goes over a few other stories.

- SNL was back over the weekend, and we played some clips. Also, we get nostalgic discussing the old SNL.

7 AM Hour

- Dr. Najam Din from Slocum-Dickson Medical Group is in this morning to talk about his specialty, and that is hematology and oncology.

- Breanne Butler is one of the co-founders of the Women's March on Washington. It's taking place during Inauguration Weekend, and she shares some of the issues they're most concerned about. Also, our new producer gives her honest thoughts about politics.

- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino discusses his displeasure with the Governor, and calls him out on not following through on promises, and flip-flopping on issues.

8 AM Hour

- Ron Moshier from the Utica OD is on to give us a recap on the high school basketball scores, and big tournaments coming up.

- We are talking with the new Herkimer Police Chief, Michael Jory. He is filling us in on his background, and ideas he has for the force.

- We talk with Professor Allan Saxe. He gives us his thoughts on what he expects from the first few days of Trump's Presidency.

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