Monday, July 6th, 2015

Today is the first day of our Simulcast on WFXV-FOX 33. We have on today's show local author Heidi Sprouse, Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, and more.

6 AM Hour

- It's great to be back from vacation and it's our first day simulcast on WFXV! Bill and Jeff talked about their vacations and Bill was amazed at the fireworks that were being set off.

- Andrew got a call from someone claiming that David Sweat was a resident at The House of the Good Shepard here in Utica! We also talk about what's next for Sweat.

- Bill witnessed people on the beach in Myrtle Beach setting off huge fireworks! Donald Trump also gets dropped by NASCAR. We talk about the Confederate Flag issue and TV Land dumping Dukes of Hazzard Re-Runs!

WIBX post July 1, 2015 from ScreenCrush
WIBX post July 1, 2015 from ScreenCrush

- The Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest took place in Coney Island over the weekend and Malice B. Grrrley calls up to talk about their Roller Derby event coming to New Hartford. She also helps Bill and Andrew figure out what Roller Derby actually is.

7 AM Hour

- Bill tells the tale of his travel woes with Allegiant Air out of Syracuse. The flight is quite cheap, however there were many problems.

WIBX post
WIBX post

- Heidi Sprouse is a local author and she has written a book called "Adirondack Sundown"  and it is pretty relevant due to the recent news of escaped Clinton Correctional Facility inmates in Dannemora, New York, David Sweat and Richard Matt.

- We have Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi in studio to talk about the Adirondack Scenic Railroad and the opposition towards the rehabilitation of the tracks in Lake Placid. He supports the rehab of the tracks and he gives the latest on NANO.

8 AM Hour

- Utica Bread will be open soon at 106 Genesee Street. They offer delicious bread, pastries, and European based recipes. It's something that Utica has been waiting for. Tim Hardiman, his wife Melissa Hardiman, Deanna Danis who is their pastry chef, and head baker Steve Arbogast. They also brought us in some treats! They open for the first time Wednesday at 7 AM!

- Jet skis can be scary when you fall off in the ocean and can't get it to start. Also, a family in Turkey put their 10-month-old baby on a Fisher-Price flotation device and left it at sea!

- We give some crazy headlines from the weekend, including an un-poppable bubble wrap. Matt calls in to say otherwise!

- We close off our Monday with more crazy headlines and Stump Rondenelli!

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