Monday, June 1st, 2020

6 AM Hour

- It was a long weekend of protest. Some were peaceful, including in Utica, but others were violent. In D.C. things were rough and Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio talks about that and other stories.

7 AM Hour

- Have you ever wondered about the benefits of acupuncture? Many who have used it swear by it. Dr. George Kozminski is with the Falcon Clinic and he joins us to explain this type of treatment.

- We start another week with the threat of COVID-19 looming. We are happy to once again be joined by Dr. Kent Hall of MVHS. He answers questions from us and from listeners.

8 AM Hour

- We get a call from Randy Gorbman at the top of the hour. He speaks with us regarding what happened in Rochester over the weekend. Gorbman works at WXXI and used to be here at WIBX.

- Some members of the Utica Police Department, including a Deputy Chief, joined protests and marches on Sunday. UPD also issued a statement condeming publicly the actions leading to George Floyd's death. We talk with Utica Police Chief Mark Williams.

- How do we live going forward with this virus that has infected and killed so many? We speak with Dr. Richard Chmielewski of the Falcon Clinic on how to move forward effectively.

- Hoola Hoop Fred has booked another guest for us. This morning we speak with Joe Ables of Saxon Pub in Texas about how reopening is going there.


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