Monday, June 8th, 2015

Today we have the Calder Cup in studio with the Mayor of Utica, we will also talk to Ademo Freeman from about Police abuse of power, and we will talk to a fan who made the trip to Manchester.

6 AM Hour

- It was a rough weekend for the Comets, the Calder Cup will be in studio, American Pharaoh wins the Triple Crown, and two convicted murderers are on the loose after breaking out of a maximum security prison.

- Governor Andrew Cuomo toured the prison from which the two inmates escaped. We talk more about these details.

- We talk about a few crazy police stories including the man who was pepper-sprayed for flipping an officer the bird and another cop pulls a gun on some kids.

- Joe LoTemplio is a reporter from the Plattsburgh Press Republican and he is on this morning to report on what he knows this morning about the prison break in Dannemora over the weekend.

- The Calder Cup is en route to the building!!

7 AM Hour

- This hour the Calder Cup will be in studio and we'll have a lot of people including the Mayor in to see it. We have a plan for the Cup, which may be stupid, but it may also work. We talk to Angie Biggs about the plan.

- We have Ademo Freeman, founder of, on the line today to discuss the instance in Saratoga Springs where Adam Rupeka flipped an officer off and then got pepper-sprayed. He gives his thoughts on how other officers react. Lt. Steve Hauck weighs in on this.

- Mark Caswell and other city officials are in with the Calder Cup and Sean is with the AHL and he is the Cup Bearer and he gives us a little background on it.

- Rick calls up to talk about the Italian term "Maloik" and how it could apply to the Calder Cup.

- Kelly calls up to try and win Comets tickets with a new game called Laundro Lottery and it involves Bill's mom putting ping pong balls in the dryer and turning it on to spin it up.

8 AM Hour

- Paul Buckley is in to talk about what the latest is with the film shoot in Utica.

- Jeffrey Meisel is the founder of Merchants of Beverage and he is on to talk about why cocktails and cocktail equipment makes for a great Father's Day gift.

- Gary Cieslak is a die-hard Comets fan who made the trip to Manchester to see the away games and her gives his perspective this past weekend.

- Before we get to Stump Rondenlli, we discuss further the story of the police officer who brought the girl to the ground and he pulled his gun on two kids.

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