Monday, March 16th, 2015

Today's show features a new candidate for mayor, Ron Moshier's weekly high school sports update, and we play everyone's new favorite quiz game, Stump Rondenelli!

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***Today’s Topics***


- We had a good St. Patty's Day weekend, the Robert Durst documentary may have revealed that he 'killed them all.' Negotiations are going on in Switzerland with Iran.


- We review the events of the weekend and  a NY Times story over the weekend defends Boeheim. Check out the article:


- Camden is having their St. Patty's Day parade this Saturday and Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel gives us his forecast.


- It was a busy weekend in the city and it'll be a crazy weekend this upcoming weekend as well. Some GOP senators are coming out saying maybe the letter to Iran wasn't a great idea. Paul McCartney's ex-wife bashes him on a late night talk show, and a 54-year-old man breaks the world record for pull ups, and other stories from the weekend discussed.


- We will be celebrating 90 years in December and here in the building, we found some really old stuff that is absolutely amazing!

Ernie Sanita - Wants to be Mayor

- Ernie is in the studio to talk about his desire to run for Mayor of Utica on the Republican party line. He has run in the past, in 2011 on an independent line.

Old Records Found

- Bill takes time to play some old vintage vinyls from olden days on WIBX! This is history at our hands. It's absolutely amazing.

We Continue with Old Records

- We continue playing old WIBX records from back in the day. All this stuff almost ended up in the dumpster.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- We talk to Ron about what the high school basketball playoff picture looks like. Some local teams including Cooperstown, Waterville, and New York Mills are doing big things.

Lt. Steve Hauck - UPD

- Lt. Hauck gives us an update on the Hit and Run accident this past weekend and we talk about other stories in the city.

Stump Rondenelli

- We play everyone's favorite new game 'Stump Rondenell!' Steve from Utica is our contestant.

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