Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Today we will talk to the Adirondack Central Schools superintendent about some issues going on there. We will also speak to Anthony Picente about the new terminal at Griffiss.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame passed away at the age of 83, we also talk about Jimmy Kimmel and SNL skits, and we talk about Cuomo's evaluation testing. Adirondack High School is attempting to offer incentives for test taking.


- Jimmy Kimmel did a bit on his show about vaccines. We continue to talk about the topic of vaccinations. Check it out!


- This weekend is the Heart Radiothon and Heart Run & Walk. We also play the audio from a Leonard Nimoy interview about the origin of the vulcan greeting. We also talk to Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel. We may seem lights at the end of the tunnel soon.


- SNL does a bit with Dakota Johnson about girls getting dropped off at college and it involved ISIS. We also talk about the precautions social media sites are taking to stop ISIS.

Rick Reynolds - Local Tax Expert

- We start off chatting with Rick about coffee, but he's in to give us some last minute (only a little more than a month left) tips on filing taxes. Rick works with H&R Block.

Ed Niznick - Adirondack Schools Superintendent

- We talk to the Adirondack Central Schools Superintendent and we talk to him about the safety of school buses that leave their garage. Bill also asks the Superintendent about the incentive program for test taking and the school budget, especially with regards to Governor Cuomo.


- We continue the discussion on incentive plans for state test taking. We get a call from Nancy who is a former teacher on the issue. Jeff gives his thoughts on the topic.


- On March 21st at the Killabrew Saloon, there will be a competition completely revolved around beards! We also talk to another retired teacher about the incentive program.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- We have Ron to talk about all things local high school sports. We cover hockey, basketball, wrestling and more. We also talk to him about the Mike Plonisch/Notre Dame story.


- Hoola Hoop Fred calls up to remind us of Matt Hamill's big fight on NBC Sports and he'll be at Foxwoods in April.

Bethan Maher - ADK Scenic Railroad

- Thomas The Tank Engine is coming to Utica! The event will be two weekends long and it will be an awesome event for kids and Thomas will be rolling in to town and giving train rides.

- Christine from IHOP also drops off pancakes for the staff in honor of International Pancake Day tomorrow.

Stump Rondenelli

- Adam is our contestant and he tries to win lunch at Carmella's with our new favorite contest, Stump Rondenelli!

Wrapping Up For The Day

- We finish things up today with revisiting the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel vaccines PSA.