Monday, October 27th, 2014

On today’s show we talk with John Zogby, Catherine Smit-Torrez (School Security Expert), and we'll give you two more chances to win $100 with our Free Money Question of the Day.

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***Today’s Topics***


- We talk about the New York Jets and how terrible they are doing. We review the standings for the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills are 5-3.

- We talk about the Gourmet Guys to the Rescue event. It was a great success, but Bill had a huge mishap and was not able to make it. He'll give the story coming up.


- Bill gives a full report on his Gourmet Guys to the Rescue debacle. He missed the event because he forgot...


- We review again the Gourmet Guys to the Rescuse debacle for Bill.

- A country singer named Aaron Lewis botched the National Anthem at the World Series.

- Bill Murray did the introduction to the NFL game of Atlanta versus Detroit in London.

- Ray Stagich gives us his Weather Channel Forecast. We may see snow on Friday.


- We talk about the Governor's of both New York and New Jersey and their handling of the Ebola policies.

- Bill and Jeff talk about the Weight Loss Challenge and the fact that Andrew is winning by a landslide appearance wise.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- John is on today to talk about how Obama is doing with the Ebola Crisis and a letter he wrote to Democrats in the Senate in regards to the upcoming Mid-Term elections.


- A 700+ pound, 13-foot Alligator was captured and killed in Jacksonville.

- A man was ran over by his own car and the car crushed his head. He survived the accident but he is in critical condition. It's all because he dropped a cigarette down his jacket and jumped out of his car to avoid gettting burned.

- Bill reminisces about his Yugo.

Free Money Question of the Day #1

- Before we get to the $ Question we talk about the Gourmey Guys to the Rescue from Andrew's perspective and the tragic school shooting in Washington.

- Mark is our contestant for the Free Money Question of the Day. His question was, What bush/tree does the Prune come from? Mark from Herkimeranswers Plum Tree and he was correct! He wins the $100 and dinner at Carmella's.


- We talk about the new app called photo math which allows parents to take a photo of their child's math problem and it will solve it for them. We discuss it.

Catherine Smit-Torrez

- Catherine is a law enforcement officer and school security expert talks about the Washington State School Shooting.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Ron gives us an update on the local high school football playoff picture. He also explains what the NFF playoff system is and why a lot of schools decided to do it.

Jordan Heath - TEDx Utica Event

- Jordan is with the United Way and is on to promote the Utica TEDx event. The theme this year is "Limitless." There are 9 speakers and some are from the local area. The event is taking place Friday, November 7th, 2014 at the Dorothy Smith Center for Advocacy. The requests for applications are all done, but if you email, you can be hooked up with TEDxUtica: In a Box. It is a downloadable kit that has everything you need to host a viewing party – LIVE!


- A man was so upset in Houston over his service at a Starbucks, he threw a chihuahua through a plate glass window. The dog had a broken leg, but is okay. The man is facing charges.

- There is an app called "Walk For A Dog" which allows you to walk your dog and every time you do, a donation will be made to an animal shelter.

- A woman was so upset that she couldn't donate her plasma at a donation site, she drove her car through the building. It happened in Florida.

- A 7th grade student in California received an apology from his school for being berated over not standing for the pledge. The reason he didn't stand was because he was an atheist.

Free Money Question of the Day #2

- Our contestant for the 2nd Free Money Question of the Day is Bertie from Clinton. Her question was, Pepper is the #1 spice used in cooking. What is #2? The answer she gave was Salt and the correct answer was Mustard. She doesn't win the hundo, but she gets dinner for 2 at Carmella's.

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