Monday, September 15th, 2014
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***Today’s Topics***


- Monday morning and we could have a little borderline frosty dew in some areas.

- The Bills had a huge game yesterday and they are now alone in first place in the AFC East. Green Bay also had a huge comeback!

- The Mets had a bad weekend, the Yankees are looking like they won't be in the playoffs, and the Syracuse game was good for those who got to see it. They won 40-3 against Central Michigan.

- For the first 20 minutes of the game, Bill called Time Warner and by the time they got back to him, the game was back on.

- Adrian Peterson was deactivated yesterday for being indicted for negligent child abuse. He is accused of beating his son with a switch. You wonder if there is a divorce going on, or if there is some sort of family court incident. Regardless of what's going on, there is clearly more to this story.

- Back in the day kids were spanked, paddled, and given a switching to all the time. The question then becomes how much is too much?

- Wayne calls up to give his thoughts and talk about the fact that there is a difference between abuse and discipline. He shares other stories of discipline at school.


- We continue our discussion on the Adrian Peterson situation. While the photos are bad and the results were bad, some would say this is a common thing.

- Charles Barkley discusses the idea of switching and tells Jim Rome that there is a fine line between abuse and discipline.

- Adrian Peterson is getting caught up in the Ray Rice aftermath.

- Hannah Storm gets emotional talking about how she has to explain to her daughters and she gets teary eyed.

- We want your opinion on Adrian Peterson and how you were punished as a child:

- Richard Lewelling gives us his forecast for the day.

Peter Franklin - Special Edition

- Peter Franklin comes to us live from The Brooklyn Bridge and he is on to talk about what's going on in Great Britain. Currently, Scotland wants to secede from Great Britain. PBS is showing a BBC series called "The Outlander." It paints the British people in a terrible light.

- Peter talks about the history of Scotland and Great Britain and the issue of levels of Government.

Anthony Picente - Oneida County Executive

- We ask the County Executive if he was ever hit or spanked as a kid, but he said he was not.

- We want to talk with Picente, even though we don't, about snow plowing. In Vernon and Verona there are some issues going on. The theory is that a town or village would do their own plowing. Some do contract with the county, but for the most part, the towns do it themselves.

- Vernon and Verona is suing the County as a direct result from the land settlement with the Oneida Nation.

- Again, it has to do with the snow plowing for the town. They wanted a couple million dollars a year and Mr. Picente had another fair price in mind.


- We talk about being disciplined as a child and the different ways we were punished. Bill talks about his punishments in regards to an incident where he had to wear a "I'm a tattle-tale sign" for telling on the neighborhood kids for smoking.

- Stefan calls up to talk about his punishments as a kid. He got the old time out chair, facing the walls, and privilege revoking.

- Kristine says her childhood was punishment enough, Jeff got hit, Bill got hit, and Andrew's Mom just screamed, which was very painful.

Pam Oakes - Self Driving Car

- JoJo and Susan call up before we talk about the car to drive itself.

- We have Ed Welsh call up to talk about his punishment as a kid and the hands free vehicle that is being developed by GM. They will have a Cadillac in 2 years that will drive itself on the highway. Ed gives his thoughts on it and talks a little bit about the technology behind how it will operate.

- There are similar technologies in existence now that will parallel park for you and detect animals a 1/2 mile down the road and let you know, brake assist, etc.

- Bill talks about something crazy that happened with his car, where he went around a curve and his anti-lock brakes kicked in. Ed thinks that's very strange and he should see if his car is being recalled.

- To find out if your call is being recalled before it's announced:

- Pam joins the Conversation.

- Ed stays on for us about this topic because he seems to know more than Pam on this.

- Listen to Ed on "Auto Talk" every Saturday on WIBX 950 from 9-10 AM.


- There is a new episode of Plate Night on our website right now and it's Stampede Steakhouse. Watch online right now!

- Rory McIlroy hit a golf ball into a man's pocket over the weekend off of a drive.

- We talk more about AP and his son.

Ron Moshier - Utica OD

- Before we get to Ron we play audio from Miss New York's question format. She gave a great answer about sexual abuse in the military.

- There was a woman on Hannity and she said that woman have fought for equality for years and now woman whine if they get hit when they hit a man.

- Now to Ron: Ron says there is no big surprises but Sherboure-Earlville upsets General Brown. Ron will say that he was at Notre Dame on Friday night and he believes that ND will be fighting for a title at the end of the year. He credits their star QB.

- Ron is on today to give us a recap of the weekend's high school football games.

- There are more and more Friday night games every year.

- We switch gears to Utica College and their football team and they are really starting to grow that program.

- The big game this weekend to watch for is Whitesboro vs. New Hartford.

John Zogby - Zogby Analytics

- We talk to John about his most recent poll about a 2012 redux. If the Romney/Obama election were to be held today, it would have been a similar outcome. The final numbers were close, but still a few points in Obama's favor.

- John addresses the possibility of the GOP gaining control of the Senate. John believes that the Democrats will be in a fetal position for the next two years if they lose control of the Senate. Nobody wants to lose majority control.

- We discuss the President's plan in regards to ISIS. 62% of Americans support the plan, but 68% believe it won't work and John believes that's pretty accurate.

- Bill believes that American soldiers won't be fighting this, but paid militias and some special forces.


- Hard to believe that ISIS and ISIL are using social media to contact, connect, and notify people. What's the difference between ISIS and ISIL? Some people get mad when we refer to them as ISIS instead of ISIL.

- People don't want to legitimize ISIL, however they're growing wealthier and more powerful.

- A Florida woman named ISIS was mad about the reference of the terrorist group as the same because of her name.

Pam Matt - Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce

- Pam is on today to discuss a big event Wednesday at the Aud. It's the Greater Utica Chamber Community Business Expo.

- It's taking place this Wednesday and starts from 11am to 8pm. You can meet some of the businesses and business owners. There will be vendors and booths and food sampling and beverages.

- We will have a lot of different job opportunities, networking, and job training opportunities as a whole.

- So be sure to come out from 11am - 8pm at the Utica Memorial Auditorium.

- Kanye West was singing a song at a concert in Australia and he wanted people to stand up and two didn't and that was because they had prosthetic limb and one was in a wheel-chair.

- MLB player was kicked out because he grabbed his crotch.

- We wrap things up for the day.

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