Thursday, December 11th, 2014

On today’s show Gallagher is back in studio. We will also talk with Wesley Jackson who feels he was forced to resign from the UPD based on his race. We will also talk with Rome native Tom Sestito who is currently playing with the Utica Comets.

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***Today’s Topics***


- Gallagher had a great time at the Utica Comets game.


- Derek Jeter comes to Hamilton College.

John Hardiman - 'Sizzle'

- Before we talk to John, we discuss the honor our company, Townsquare Media, received from the Chamber. We have been named The Greater Utica Business of the Year 2014.

- John is a big time listener who has an idea to bring a new business to Utica. His brother is Tim Hardiman from Taylor & The Cook.

Howie Mandel - 'Deal With It'

- Howie talks about his show on TBS, "Deal With It," Johnny Carson, Gallagher, and Joan Rivers.

Gallagher - In Studio

- Gallagher talks about the great day he had yesterday at the Utica Comets game.

See Photos From Gallagher at the Zoo:

- We also check in, a little late, with Ray Stagich, with an update on the Winter Storm we've had.

Fritz Scherz - Fritz's Polka Band

- He is on to promote the fact he and the band will be at the Keeler Toy Bash tomorrow to perform. He is also promoting his Christmas Party in Verona to benefit the Verona Food Pantry.

Your Pledge of Toys or Money Gets You a Ticket:

Chief Steve Bukala - Lowell, MI Police

- The chief is on to discuss body cams and the program they're doing where they pull over people to give them Christmas gifts.

Details on Their Program:

- More with Gallagher.

Gallagher Theme Song Parody

- You've heard the Gilligan's Island theme, but here is "Gallagher's Island."

The Radisson

- The fine folks from the Radisson are our hosts for the Keeler Christmas Bash tomorrow night! We have Darryl, Tony, and Renee. They have a lot going on there including a brand new renovated pool area.

Wesley Jackson

- Wesley was on the Utica Police force for a short time. He feels he was forced to resign.

Tom Sestito

- Tom is with the Vancouver Canucks and he is here in Utica for a little bit of rehab.


- Tom and Will from Utica Mack are in with Naegele from McCraith with our Craft Beer of the Week!

Wrapping Up With Gallagher

- Gallagher tries our Craft Beer of the Week!

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