Thursday, December 20th, 2018

6 AM Hour

- Tonya J. Powers (FNR) fills us in on what she knows regarding President Trump shutting down his foundation.

7 AM Hour

- John Zogby is with Zogby Strategies. He's on this morning to talk about the possible prevention of a Government shutdown.

- Fred Matt is from the Saranac Brewery and he's on this morning to talk about Resilience IPA.

- Ed Welsh of AAA is on this morning to talk about a huge donation to Operation Sunshine and Mark Cushman from Fiber Instrument Sales adds to the excitement.

8 AM Hour

- Brandon Lang is the inspiration for the movie 'Two For The Money.' He also advises people on how best to participate in extra-curricular activities. It's Week 16 already.

- John Naegele is our Better Beer Man! He is with Buried Acorn Brewery in Syracuse now. It's our Craft Beer of the Week.

- Beth Irons is with the Oneida County Public Market. She's on this morning to promote this weekends Indoor Public Market.

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