Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Today we will focus an entire hour on the topic of immunizations. We will speak with Phyllis Ellis from the Oneida County Dept. of Health. We will also hear both sides of the argument from Dr. Stephen Eadline and Dr, Tammy Martino. Also Scott McNamara will stop by to talk about the Paul Bumbolo case.

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***Today’s Topics***


- The Comets lost last night and Paul Bumbolo was found mentally incompetent to stand trial. Kristine got an exclusive interview with the Grandmother of Bumbolo. More details: also did not win the lottery, at least the $500+ MIllion. Also, Lester Holt makes a huge announcement.


- We talk about the fact that some woman called up and asked us to go get food for her and Jeff did. Bill got McDonald's too.


- We did not win the lottery and pretty sure we didn't get any numbers even except maybe one Powerball Number. We also listen to the report from Lester Holt when he read the story about the suspension of Brian Williams. He even got choked up. We also talk to Ray Stagich about the Weather Channel forecast.


- We talk more about the Bumbolo case and talk about the fact we will be talking to DA Scott McNamara about that and the Sheidelman Case.


- We discuss a few stories including Tiger Woods taking time off and House of Cards on Netflix may have intentionally leaked episodes from Season 3.

Immunizations Discussion

- We welcome in to the studio Phyllis Ellis who is the Director of Health for Oneida County to give the county's thought on vaccines. We also bring in Dr. Tammy Martino who has an issue with vaccines and their side effects. We will discuss this topic for the full hour.

Dr. Stephen Eadline Joins The Conversation

- Dr. Eadline is with Slocum-Dickson Medical Group and he's a Pediatrician who is in studio today to continue the discussion on immunizations.

The Discussion Continues

- We continue talking about the very important issue of Immunizations and disease prevention. We are joined by Dr. Stephen Eadline, Dr. Tammy Martino, and Phyllis Ellis.

John Naegele - McCraith Beverages

- It's our favorite time of the week! It's time for the Craft Beer of the Week and Naegele also talks with us about Utica On Tap coming to the AUD on March 7th.


- We talk about disease and the root of it. Tom calls in to discuss this.

Oneida County DA Scott McNamara

- We have the District Attorney on to talk about Paul Bumbolo not being mentally capable to stand trial and we discuss the new trial being granted for Mark Scheidelman.

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