Thursday, January 30th, 2020

6 AM Hour

- Mike Curran is a Utica man who just returned from a trip to China. He is all clear of the Coronavirus, and talks about the screening process to return home.

7 AM Hour

- There is a lot of construction going on downtown and it's all progress. Howard Potter of A&P Master images talks about what it's like to work downtown everyday.

8 AM Hour

- The Ride for Missing Children has changed its route and its final location. They're adding an element of partying to the end of the ride as well. Big things happening for one of CNYs biggest events. Jim Simpson is with the Ride and Rick Redmond of the ADK Bank Center are in to talk about the logistics.

- Rachel Sutherland reports on the Senate Impeachment latest. Senators are in the phase of written questions and she explains.

- Naegele is here this morning to drink beer and look forward to our indoor market.

- Our intern Gage is finally going to get his play by play air check on air. He's a student at New Hartford and this was his call of a NH basketball game on the school's radio station.

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