Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Today we discuss the minimum wage topic, we also talk with Mayor Joe Fusco about Honor America Days in Rome, and we get a little music from Bobby Martin. 

6 AM Hour

- We talk more about the train accident and some possible situations. We have some listeners call up to clarify some things.

- It appears that fast food workers will receive $15/hour and the can of worms is opened! We also get a call from Brian about the train.

- Andrew makes his eggs and shows everyone what they look like and we continue the discussion on minimum wage. Bill also breaks down some of the components of the raised minimum wage increase.

- We take some more calls on the topic of minimum wage and people are vocal about it.

7 AM Hour

- We finally get to Mario's call and he talks about the train and Ashley Madison. Vicki calls up to talk about concerns from her perspective as director of a local soup kitchen. Should minimum wage have been increased gradually over the years?

- We have Mayor Joe Fusco in studio to talk Honor America Days and the financial and employment status in the city of Rome.

- Dr. Mike Fenster is a Cardiologist who is on to give us the scary truths of bacteria on the beach. Ocean waters aren't the only thing home to flesh-eating or antibiotic resistant bacterias. Sand can also harbor these pests.

8 AM Hour

- Attorney Joe Hobika is in studio this morning to talk about some issues including the minimum wage and working at McDonald's. We have been taking calls all morning on this hot button topic of minimum wage.

- Continuing with Joe Hobika and the topic of minimum wage and what job students should and should not pursue.

- Rick Lewis is in studio to promote his new show called "The Beer Next Door." It is not only a show, but it will have an online presence as well. He also talks about the growth of the Craft Beer industry and we also discuss the Clydesdales. We give "Liberal Lou" the opportunity to respond to some comments about him.

- Bobby Martin is a musician from Rome and he is in this morning to promote River Jams this weekend as part of Honor America Days and he comes in dressed to the T! Proceeds will go to benefit the Rome Mission and it's also going to be a food drive as well at Pinti Field after the parade.

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